Haskar Çelik & Steel Service Center

Osman Bilir, as one of the partners and the founder of Hasmetal, with more than 29 years of experience has established Haskar Çelik; it is a Steel Service Center which services in the production of steel profile. Haskar Çelik harmonizes quality and service together and presents to its customers. With the aim of trust and quality, customer centered Haskar Çelik; since its establishment the firm keeps experienced management, technical staff and with its extraordinary skilled personnel, it makes a special effort in serving with extra care with the TSE and international standards.

Haskar Çelik; with its 22,000 meter squared closed area, the firm uses the latest technology in production line and makes vast investments for new machines thus it aimes quality and service at the same time and the firm also strives for consistency in its sector.